Details of Consumption

Yesterday I said that I spend too much time consuming things on the Internets. With those thoughts in mind, I tried to keep track of what I consumed today and for how long.

I woke up at 7:45am and the first thing I did was watch the videos on my Hulu for about 45 mins. Then I watched 40mins of my podcast. Then I went to class. At lunch I watched another Hulu video, so about 30mins.

Then I went to work. That was mostly all working.

I get home and watch TV/Internets from 7:30pm until about 10:15pm. I did get up and get some snacks/shower, but it was almost non-stop.

Then I did about 40 mins of homework and now here I am still surfing and watching things online. That’s about another 2 hours.

In total, that is around 415 minutes or almost 7 hours. That’s how much I consume. It’s a little depressing.


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