Grouplove-Jack-Taco Bell

Today was good enough. I went to work and etc.

Tonight was when it got really good.

I went to the free Grouplove concert presented by Jack Daniels, you know, the liquor company. The doors opened at 8pm and it wasn’t over until midnight. That means I was standing for like 4 hours. Man, I’m too old to be standing that long.

By going to the concert I received a little coupon thing for a free drink. I waited until the end of the concert to get the drink and take the alcohol home, wink, wink. In the end I had one and a half drinks.

Because I had dinner at 6:30pm, I was extremely hungry. So I went to Taco Bell and tried those Doritos tacos. They are fucking delicious.

The second to last song Grouplove played was Tongue Tied.

I’ve been telling my sister that, that song bums me out. The bass on the song bums me out. It’s like a musical interpretation of a literal let-down.

So when the song started I was sad, since it usually bums me out but by the end of the song I had a change of heart. It didn’t sound so depressing. But I don’t know. We’ll see how it makes me feel tomorrow and in the future.

Listen for yourself.


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