Breaking Bad4

I might have already had a post titled Breaking Bad. So I settled on this title.

I like the show.

Let’s get that straight.

My major problem with it isprobably that I can’t relate to any of the characters. They hardly make any of the decisions I would and! when they do, they don’t have the same reaction that I would.

The story is pretty good. It goes by a little faster than Mad Men, but Mad Men has more characters and story lines.

As I wrote that last sentence I remembered that I have already written about this. : /

So I’m going to bail.

On a different note, if you haven’t tried those new Doritos tacos from Taco Bell, then you must go try them. They are delicious. They are a savory combination of two products that are ‘meh’ separately.

Finally, one more class and the school week is technically over.  That deserves a 🙂


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