Comic Book Movies

There have been a lot of comic book movies.

Today I had the opportunity to see a really really really bad one. Today I saw Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance. It was way awful. The first Ghost Rider was pretty bad. I don’t remember why it was so horrible. I try to forget traumatic events.

There really was no need to make a second Ghost Rider movie. This one wasn’t good. The entire story was dumbed down. There were no surprises. There were no exciting parts in the movie either. The best action sequence was given away for free in one of the few trailers.

oh! and the lines Nick Cage had were horrendous. They weren’t funny, or creative, or smart, or witty, or anything.

Tomorrow I’ll go see a comic book movie that is so far getting superb ratings.

It’s The Avengers!

I have high hope for it.


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