The New Wednesday?

Man, today went by to slow and too fast.

Work went by slow. There wasn’t a lot of work but there was a lot of waiting, which turned out to be equally unpleasant. I would almost prefer the work. That part of the day went by slow.

I got home around 7pm. Then I showered and ate and it was 8pm!

My sister need some help with her homework and the computer wasn’t cooperating so I helped. That’s when it was almost 9:30pm.

Now it’s 11:48pm. What happened to my free time?

I did watch the Clippers game. I thought they were going to make a THIRD comeback. They didn’t :/ Then I flipped over to the Tonight Show because Alison Brie was a guest.

She made me jealous that I was not the previous guest because she kept touching his arm. I’m so jealous of that old comedian. Also! apparently she went to a masseuse salon in Burbank and was laying down naked getting massaged when another male patron walks in and sees her naked.

In conclusion, why don’t I live in Burbank?


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