Real Love

I am not a good writer. This post will not accurately convey my love.

Tonight I watched the last 3 episodes of season three of Community. They were amazing. The season was amazing. The entire series has been amazing.

After I finished watching those three episodes I was left feeling . . . love.

It might seem odd to say the feeling was love, but it was. It was a feeling of deep personal connection. I know this show. I know these characters. And they know me. There’s a real understanding between us. I can feel that these writers, and producers, and actors care about this show. It’s great. It’s comforting.

There are other great shows on TV. They are funny, or dramatic, or both. But on top of those things Community has something else. Community has warmth and heart.

I love Community.

And, I think I’m at the point where the love is unconditional. I think I read somewhere that Dan Harmon is leaving as head producer guy, that’s the technical term, and so are some other people, but that’s ok. I am attached to Community. It, and its people, are like family to me.

Again . . . I love Community.

Thank you, for everything.


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