It Happened, Like I Said

I’m calling this weekend wasted.

Saturday I didn’t do jack until 2pm when I went to the stores. I wandered around the mall. I went to Target. I went to Chick fil-a. Then I came home and started watching “America, the Story of Us”. It’s a 12 episode series that was on the History channel. I found it on Netflix on Saturday. I paused to watch some boxing then got to it again.

Today I got up at 9am and watched Al Punto. Then I continued on the America series again. A bit before 2pm I went to a little girl’s birthday party. It was work related. I ate too much there. I had two hot dogs, an ice cream sandwich, a bottle of water, a beer, and candies. I came home around 5pm and felt sick so I fell asleep.

I woke up at 7pm and watched the Santos vs Monterrey game. Then I finished the America series. Now I’m going to continue Futurama and buy some more things online . . . for my career. MuWHOhahaha.

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