America Builds!

I finished watching those 12 episodes of “America, the Story of Us” and it made me want some one to do something.

In most of those episodes the American people had a goal and were doing something. They were fighting the British, going west, building railroads, building speakeasy(s), building dams, fighting the Nazis, building highways, and going to the moon.

I want us to have a clear goal.

Get to building high-speed trains, new space shuttles, more space stations, jetpacks, cars that drive themselves (mostly for the old and handicapped [not for me] ), and light bulbs that don’t suck. Find some new colors, or new flavors of food, or some new animals.

Do something! Put some people to work. Sure a lot of these ideas will fail but isn’t it worth trying? I’m hungry for action, and for some blurn popticks.


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