Almost Longer Weekend

I was helping my sister study for her test tomorrow. And by help, I mean pretending to listen to her tell me science things. I’m glad to help, but unfortunately it cleared my mind and I didn’t have any idea of what to write tonight.

Nothing exciting happened today. There was nothing for me to really draw upon for a story or tidbit about myself to share.

That’s the thing. Nothing really happened today. I woke up. Got to work a minute late. Nothing exciting happened at work. I tried a new place for lunch. It was a lot like Five Guys Burgers and Fries. I went back to work and nothing happened. I drove home. There was traffic because of a bad accident. I had dinner. I did some archery. I watched two episodes of The League. Then I started helping my sister. Now it’s now.

I going to settle on talking about my thoughts during work.

Plainly, I wanted to leave. The work I was doing didn’t feel urgent. I could do it whenever. So I wanted to leave. That feeling changed from wanting to immediately leave to thinking about taking tomorrow off. I figured I could have a 5 day weekend, since I’m not going into work until Wednesday anyway.

I even convinced myself that I wouldn’t miss having the money from Friday’s day of work. What stopped me from leaving was that I didn’t want to feel like I wasted my ‘new’ Friday off.

I know what I would do if I had tomorrow off. I would watch Futurama and try to rationalize my hesitancy to look for a job. I’d convince myself that something will magically come up. I might even go as far as to convince myself that Jesus will help me find a job (I don’t like thinking Jesusneeds/wantsto do anything for me).

So, I didn’t ask for tomorrow off. I will go to work tomorrow. I don’t have the heart to put myself out there for more rejection. Not just yet.

My punishment will be going to work. But one of these days, I’ll get so tired of work that I will finally put my heart and soul into finding a career. Right now it’s just Rejection vs Boredom.


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