Its the Battleground

I started watching the Hulu series Battleground.

It sounds like it is right up my alley. It is a political faux documentary show. I kept seeing it on the Hulu home page but I never gave it a chance. Point is, I finally decided to watch it.

The verdict is, and I’m only 11 episodes in, it’s…good. I like it.

I like the story, the acting, and the characters are starting to grow on me. I’m excited to see the last 2 episodes.

The show makes me excited. I want to be this excited about other things….and life.

Also, one of the characters looks like Harry Potter. Another character is the ‘Dwight’ of the series but less likeable. Also, the show is interviewing the characters at the end of the season, so they look different than they do while they are ‘on’ the show and I’ve been trying to figure out what happened to the characters than left them the way. That sounded confusing but, trust me, it’s exciting.

It’s exciting, and I’m excited.

The word of the day is EXCITED.


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