Pops Understands

Pops said the greatest thing today.

We were talking about how we could probably take grandpops back to Mexico for a visit. Grandpops doesn’t want to go back to Mexico because it would probably be by bus. Apparently my grandpops doesn’t think its cool to get to Mexico by bus.

Pops says something like, “grandpops is stuck in the past. He still thinks people should care what other people think of them. He doesn’t understand that here [in America] people don’t care what you’re doing or how you look. What matters is how you see yourself and feel about yourself. ”

So yea.

I’m not gay, at least I really really doubt it, but if I was, I think Pops would understand.

I don’t think about this often, and I probably don’t appreciate it enough, but I have a good family.


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