Crazy and Robbed

I watched a lot of things today. The two more memorable are The Seven Year Itch and the Pacquillo v Bradley fight.

The Seven Year Itch was a funny movie. I liked it. Marylin Monroe was in it and I hadn’t ever seen her in anything expect photos. She is attractive. I like the guy’s crazy imagination. It was too familiar. I am surprised that they didn’t do it. In conclusion, it was a good movie. Watch it.

I just finished watching the fight. It was shocking that the judges gave the decision to Bradley. He’s a good fighter, but he wasn’t fighting better than Pacquillo. I don’t know what they saw that lead them to call the fight for Bradley. Pacquillo was hitting harder and more often. He was easily in control of the first 9 rounds. I just don’t see it.

It was a robbery.

That memory is going to stick with me for a long time.


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