I saw Prometheus tonight.

I liked it. It was fun.

I liked the landscape shots. They were beautiful.

Lots of spoilers ahead! The story was decent enough. I wasn’t too into the two doctors/archeologists relationship. I’m a huge fan of the “boss” man saying he was “dead” in the beginning of the movie. Then towards the end, BAM! He’s not dead.

I liked the alien worm things. I liked that octopus alien. I liked the birth of the “classic” alien at the end. It made some serious sense.

I really liked how the characters died off, with the exception of Miss Vickers. Most of the non-important characters died first. A few died because of alien related attacks(?). The robot was excellent. He was my favorite character. He was a cool robot. He was cunning and slightly self-aware, which meant you didn’t know if he was programmed to do some of the more sinister things he did. He could have done them by himself but that would make him….bad.

The self abortion scene was cool. It was gruesome. I didn’t think she was the strong female character type. Miss Vickers appeared to be the strong female, but then she died in possibly the lamest way.

In conclusion, go watch it. Try to sneak some ice cream into the movie theater. That would be declicious.


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