Disneyland, Pancakes, BBQ, Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos

Wednesday I went to Disneyland. I did end up waking up at 5am.  I had a good time. I didn’t get on many rides because I didn’t want to. I hate lines, and waiting, for a few seconds of excitement. It doesn’t seem like a good trade off of time. I had a great time thinking about life, people watching, and playing hide and seek with Ivan’s family. We came home really late so I was super tired.

Which lead me to wake up late today. Apparently I was supposed to be somewhere at 11am. I didn’t get there until 12:30. It didn’t help that the person I was meeting kept changing the location while I was driving. I really REALLY wanted to bail because I was tired and didn’t appreciate everything I had to do to see this person.  But I didn’t.

I kept thinking “that is what dad would do. Don’t be like dad right now.”
Then I would reply, ” but I’m so angry!”

Point is, I did meet her and the pancakes I had were really good.

Then we did did some random stuff and I ended up catching some traffic on the way to the best BBQ in south California. It was amazing BBQ. The beers were great too. I might go back tomorrow morning for lunch. Then I caught a movie that is still not playing in Dallas, Safety Not Guaranteed. Finally, I found Doritos Tacos in the Cool Ranch flavor. They were delicious. The Cool Ranch taste was subtle.

It was a great couple of days. It really got my mind through, and off, some things.


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