Healthcare, Drugs, and Media

The day started in a really exciting way.

I wake up and turn on the TV because the Supreme Court was going to rule on, what I’m going to refer to as, Obamacare. I started on MSNBC and saw that they were still waiting on the ruling. After a few minutes I checked FOX. They had the Supreme Court opinion and were reporting that the individual mandate, the centerpiece of Obamacare, was unconstitutional under the Commerce clause. With differing reporting, I checked CNN. They were also reporting that the individual mandate was unconstitutional. So I jump back to MSNBC and they aren’t reporting Obamacare as unconstitutional. They are actually reporting it asconstitutional.

At this point I’m confused.

I go back to FOX. Now, they are reporting Obamacare as constitutional. I go to CNN. They are reporting it as constitutional.

So what happened?

The Supreme Court ruled that the individual mandate is unconstitutional through the Commerce clause, but it is constitutional through the government’s tax and spend power.

What happened with the news networks?

FOX and CNN jumped the gun. They didn’t read the entire opinion before reporting. They only read the first few pages that said the mandate was unconstitutional through the Commerce clause. So they called it. Screw reading the rest of the opinion! MSNBC didn’t jump the gun. They waited. That was a good call. I prefer accurate reporting to being the first to report.

My opinion? I like the ruling. I’m glad the individual mandate was unconstitutional. They never rang good to me. I prefer a tax to provide healthcare than mandated insurance. Sure I would prefer a single payer system so that everyone is covered, but whatever. Maybe in another 40 years.

Besides, if I get a bit to moderately sick I’ll just go to Mexico and get treated there.

Healthcare did get me thinking about our current drug situation, specifically marijuana. Why can’t we just legalize it and tax it? We need that money! Let’s get that money! I’ve done no research, but it’s got to be billions of dollars in revenue a year. GET THE MONEY!

Sure, it would most probably reduce cartel/gun violence. Sure, it will most probably reduce the stress on the courts that mostly process drug carrying charges. Sure, it will most probably reduce prisoner costs that we all end up paying anyway. Sure, it will at least technically reduce crime. Sure, it will lower the number of low-income people whose lives are ruined because of a ridiculous non-violent crime.

But above all, what matters to me the most is the money. GET THAT MONEY!

Use it to reduce the debt, or at least get me some more cops/firefighters/teachers.


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