Family or Not

I spend a lot of time thinking about family.

What is family? What makes people family? It has to be more than blood. Is it experiences? How do friends become family? Are some friends more family than the blood members?

I also think about my relationship with my family.

Should I care what they say? Do I have any obligation? Is it a moral/social obligation? blah blah blah

I’m watching this show Sons of Anarchy.

It’s about a motorcycle gang. The main protagonist has many of the same conflicts with family, but his conflicts end with dead people. Most of them aren’t blood relatives, but they call themselves family. It must be because they share common experiences, bonds, and ideas.

Alright guys, honesty time.

My grandpops is sick. He has some kidney failure, high blood pressure, poor circulation, and some serious infections. He’s getting treatment but the docs give him at most a year. Most of the other family members are worried because they care about him.

I don’t.

I know I’m supposed to have that basic concern for him because we share the same blood. I don’t really have any meaningful experiences with him. Up until a few months ago, I thought he was  at least a decent person.

Then I found out he cheated on grandma and fathered two other kids. So for a while I was angry because he did that. A few weeks after that, I found out that grandma was cool with the other kids. I thought that was really cool of her. I think that’s why I wasn’t made at him for cheating anymore.

But I’m angry now.

How could he not be in those other kids life? What kind of person has two kids and isn’t a father to them? I can’t forgive him for that. I don’t respect that. I don’t care for him.

Family or Not.


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  1. so deep! I don’t know how to answer your question! for me, just like what you said, I can’t tolerate any unfaithfulness in a marriage life, of course including my own marriage life. anyway, hope you can be happy

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