Gimme A Break

How can I have done nothing important for so long and still want a break?

I have not been very productive. I finished watching the Sons of Anarchy. That wasn’t the most important of goals. I’ve watched half of a bunch of old movies on cable this weekend. That’s not productive.

I didn’t even go jogging this weekend. I haven’t jogged since Thursday. Who knows if I’ll be able to jog tomorrow, since it might be raining in the afternoon.

On the plus side……I think I’m finally ready to start studying. I don’t feel a need to do that other random stuff I was doing. I don’t feel a need to watch any more TV or movies. I think I’m done being unproductive.

I have to try to remember write earlier. That’s when I get some good ideas. My midnight I’m tired and my creative juices aren’t flowing so much anymore.

Happy note: It’s not 100 degrees anymore.


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