I am Joel McHale

I started studying for the CPA exam yesterday. Studying is going to take a while. It’s a long process.

My friend gets mad every time they card her at the movies. She can’t believe she doesn’t look at least 18 years old. I understand what she means. She doesn’t dress like a high schooler. She presents herself like an adult. She is small, height-wise.

Anyway, the point is, she get’s mad when she’s carded.

Well I told her that eventually she won’t get carded (duh), but she won’t notice the last time it happens. She’ll go days, weeks, months, probably years, without realizing that she isn’t going to be carded anymore, because she’ll be old. Isn’t that sad?

That’s one of those things you can’t control.

I have another friend, Joel McHale, and by friend I mean that I watch him on TV. The aforementioned friend told me that he graduated with a degree in history, just like me.

Which got me thinking, Joel is semi-old. He’s like 40 (Google says 40). So it took him almost 20 years to get rich and famous. Obviously, I thought that maybe if I got lucky and put in a lot of work then I could get rich, famous, and be like Joel McHale.

That’s one of those things over which I have some control.


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