Beltany and Alaska

This post was originally going to be about last night’s dream but when I came home today the electricity was out and I went to sleep like at 10pm. The lights just came on a few minutes ago and I can add the dream I had 15 minutes ago.

[I called the electricity service, service, company and they said they would have it fixed by 1am. The lights came on a bit before 12:47am. That’s pretty accurate. I liked that.]

Ok, so last night’s dream.

Mom and I were trying to kill a lizard in our living room. It was fast. We couldn’t get it. I go outside and I’m in Alaska. I know because I asked someone and they told me I was in Alaska. The lizard is probably from the Amazing Spiderman. No worries there. But Alaska? Really?

Well you know what that means. I have to move to Alaska. But lets play this out. I move to Alaska and 3 things are most likely to happen.

1) I find a boring, but livable, paying job. I fall in love, get married, and have kids. Then I realize I’m unhappy because life isn’t exciting. I get divorced and end up in the same place in life where I current am, except with child support payments and an old face.

2) I find a boring, but livable, paying job. I don’t fall in love. I realized I can do better and only then do I truly appreciate how good I have life. Then I get a panic attack and come back to Dallas. Time lost is about 2 years, but I get to say I drove straight from Alaska to Dallas.

3) I get eaten by a bear.

Then tonight’s dream. I was woken up suddenly so I only remember the ending.

Damn it. I don’t remember what was going on in the beginning. Either way. I’m in the Camaro. I’m driving. There’s a billboard, like those on postcards that are usually close to the ground. Anyway, it says Beltany in a postcard font and under that it says for those who really deserve it. Like some people don’t deserve to live there.

I have two problems with this dream.

1) Usually you can’t read things in dreams. For example you can’t pick things up and just start reading labels, papers, etc. Why was Beltany so clear and how did I see the “tag line”?

2) What/Where the hell is Beltany? Apparently there is a Beltany named area in Ireland. It is the site of a stone circle. Having never head of this place, did my dream randomly come up with this name and it just so happens to be a real place?

What am I supposed to do with these dreams?


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