Hands Off the Wagon

Two things today. One is about two days ago and the other is about yesterday.

Two days ago I fell of the wagon. I was studying every night for the CPA exam, since last Monday, until two nights ago. It kinda started three nights. Three nights ago the lights went out and I went to sleep early, around 10pm. Why did I write that? oh, right. The lights were out and the laptop wasn’t charged, so I couldn’t study. I went to sleep early. Then two nights ago, I picked up my old Pokemon White game and started playing it. I stopped playing the game months ago because I was stuck. I had beat the Elite Four but some guy wouldn’t let me pass a bridge. So I quit. Anyway, I picked up the game and found another bridge to cross. All of a sudden there were strong and strange pokemon everywhere. Of course I had to catch them. Point is, I went from 10pm to 4am exploring these 3 routes and 2 cities and tens of high level pokemon.

Yesterday, I saw some guy I used to know at the park while I was jogging. I went to high school with this guy for one year and we went to the same college for about 2 years I think. Still, the last time I saw him was like 3 or 4 years ago. We had a brief conversation last last week, while we were both jogging. I saw him last week and we waved at each other.

Yesterday I saw him again. He waved, but when I say wave, I mean he gave a ‘whats up’ hand raise. It was cool and a standard greeting.  I gave a weird like kindergartener wave. It was very…..wavey. It definitely wasn’t cool. I’m going to blame that one the fact that I was really tired. I was on the 30th minute of my jog. So yea, I was tired. It’s not that I’m dorky.


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