Girls and Cheeseburgers

I’m working on something pretty funny. I’ll tell you guys about it in about 2 weeks. It should be pretty funny.

No work tomorrow. That means I’ll have the day to study. I almost picked a date for the first part of the CPA exam. I’m not 100% sure. I’ll tell you guys when I sign up.

Batman come out in an hour. I think I’ll see it on Sunday. I hope I like it and that people don’t clap at the end, regardless of whether it sucks or not.

The youtube video of these girls having an eating contest was supposed to be embedded bellow. It didn’t see to embed.


Fuck it. Just click on the link. You probably won’t regret it.


Fuck! It didn’t work the second time either.
The second link doesn’t seem to have the ad in the front.


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