Caught Trying to Leave

I had a pretty bad headache all day. I’m sure spending the entire day staring at a computer screen at work did not help. I’m sure of it.

I went home and tried taking a nap. I didn’t work to relieve my headache. After the nap, I went for a jog. My headache still didn’t go away. I came home and watched TV for a while. Then I showered and figured I’d go get some fries from Jack in a Box because, well it’s almost my birthday. I can do whatever I want.

I’m about to head out the door and Pops and Mom are in the living. They say they want to tell me something so I sit down. That was around 9:15pm. After a small story, my Pops goes into this long talk about his job and working.

I stick around and listen to him because, well, it’s not something I do often and it’s some good bonding. I’m listening and it’s all pretty technical. I have to picture everything in my head and some times I get lost. Point is, after about 45mins, I get to the words that make the entire conversation worth while.

Pops says immigrant workers suffer abuse and they don’t stand up for themselves because they’re either too afraid or too proud. He says it shouldn’t be that way. He was telling a story about how another company was giving their employees less break time. He says they should fight for their break because they work hard and deserve it.

He adds and finishes with, if you don’t like what you’re doing, then find something else to do.

I end up going to Jack in a Box at 10:30pm. Sure it was late and I hadn’t eaten since 2pm, but it was worth it.


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