Start Studying, again

Today, I started studying for the next part of the CPA.

I’m a bit surprised that I actually did start on time. Today was definitely one of those days that could have gotten away from me. I ran some errands in the morning and then had lunch and took a nap. By the time I woke up from my nap, it was 4pm. That’s when I decided to have some dinner. The day wasn’t too productive up to that point.

I got a little side tracked, before I even started studying, because I started wondering when I would get my score from the first exam. There was a little chart that I was following and at first I calculated that I would get my score by the 22nd of August. Then I redid the math and I realized I won’t get my score until September 10th. oh, 15 days. I’m excited.

Anyway, I did start studying. I watched about 2 hours worth of videos. I’m about to work on some multiple choice questions and keep this thing rolling. I have about 300 hours worth of studying to do by mid-October, so I better keep at it.

Yea, that’s about it. Looks like Fantasy Football and studying will be the only things on my mind for a few weeks. oh, and real football, and futbol too, of course.

I’m sleepy.


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