Who’s Hungry?

So I went to Google and searched for ‘random topic generator’. I didn’t like it’s suggestions.

oh man, the studying did not go well today. I was not catching on to these questions. I’m going to need to concentrate more on the other videos. Then maybe the practice questions won’t be so hard.

I want to watch more of the videos but the conventions are this and next week. I want to watch the speeches. I want to see who the next Barack Obama is!

I’m really sleepy. I should not have eaten those two chocolate chip cookies.

oh, I can’t believe tomorrow is Wednesday. I haven’t done anything productive in a while. Not even my jog today went well. It sucked. Sure I haven’t jogged since last Friday, but I felt so blahhh today. Maybe it was because I had eaten less than an hour prior to the jog?

After the jog, I ate a bag of hot fries. I’m surprised my stomach doesn’t hurt.


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