Fantasy Football Time

It’s that time of year again folks. It’s football season and with football season comes fantasy football.

I’m signed up in 3 leagues. All three league are auto-pick format and I’ll set rankings by the mid-day Sunday. Drafts are soon to follow and we’ll see how the teams shape up. I’m excited.

Having three teams is kinda like diversifying a market portfolio. The chances I end up a winner at the end of the season substantially increase.

Ha! can you believe Joan of Arc beat William the Conqueror in Deadliest Warrior? It was definitely that technological edge. Yep, there it goes. The show agreed with me.

What was I talking about? oh right. Fantasy Football. Yes, I think I’ll pick up Peyton Manning. I’m sure he’ll be around in the later rounds and it’d be badass to have him. I’ve had him on the majority of my teams since I started playing fantasy football.

Peyton for the win!


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