Football Starts, and it’s Great

Yes, things are finally right with the world!

Sunday football was great. The Redskins beat the Saints. That was awesome! I knew RG3 would be good, but I didn’t expect the Saints to be that bad. The Dolphins blew it against the Texans. I guess the Texans were just a little rusty and needed some time to get things going.

The best game was probably SF vs GB. It wasn’t as close as the score indicates. The 49ers were more physical and the Packers couldn’t deal with that. The 63 yard field goal was amazing. That’s something to tell the grand kids.

I’m disappointed in the Seahawks. I really thought they would beat the Cardinals. oh! and who can forget about the Cowboys over the Giants. Not to mention the Peyton Manning’s return against the Steelers. He’s back!

This is going to be a fun season.


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