It Ain’t Going to Happen, Probably

Today was rough.

Not because I didn’t have enough time to study. On the contrary! I studied all day. At least, I tried to study all day. I did have trouble getting up. But once I was up, I studied for a good 3 hours before I started getting a headache and productivity shot way down.

After some pills and dinner, it was time for the multiple choice questions. That has been a real slog too because the majority of the questions are math word problems. These aren’t the quick grab and go questions from AUD. And now here I am. Tired and full of multiple choice questions to do and full of Lucky Charms.

I have 21 days until the day I want to take the next two CPA exam sections. The chances of taking and passing those sections on that date are decreasing.

I’ll know if I can hit that date by next Friday.
We’ll see how things shape up.

One bright thing today was this interview will Gillian Jacobs, who plays Britta on Community.


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