It Got to Me

If you’re prepared, then you won’t be scared.

I don’t want to admit this, but the exam results got to me. I’m scared to take the CPA exam. I imagine myself sitting in front of the computer screen and panicking at the question in front of me. I can’t answer it. I’m sitting there and it’s hopeless. This isn’t some dream. I usually wouldn’t put much credit in a dream. This is a thought that pops in my head while I’m studying. And that’s worrisome.

I put some thought into why I was getting this thought and I came to the realization that I’m not really afraid of the AUD exam. I’m going to crush that exam.

I am afraid of the FAR exam. Most likely it is because I’m not fully prepared for it. I’m about half way prepared for that exam. I’ll take it in two weeks. I will be prepared. Probably.

ah, the fear has got me. It sucks. Fear is just something with which you have to deal. I can’t let it stress me out either because as someone important to me said, stress gets in the way of concentration.


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