No, Your Father

I went to jog yesterday. Apparently, my aunt goes to walk at the park on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I caught her after my run and we walked around the park once.

Frankly, she likes to talk and I needed to hear some conversation. Also, I didn’t really want to get back to studying.

It takes a while, but finally towards the end of the walk she gets to something I deem interesting. I forgot how we started on the conversation of my cousin, but we talked about how he’s a really calm person. I have never seem him angry. I’ve seen him fake angry but never really angry.

She says that she agrees. She says he has his father’s personality and that I have my father’s personality. We have the same basic personality.

A few years ago I might have found that insulting. How dare you say I resemble someone else? Nowadays, I’m actually glad. Pops is a, above everything else, a good person. And frankly, I’d rather have my Pops’ personality than my mother’s. I’m that kind of person.

As for my cousin, he’s good at who he is. I don’t think I could imagine him any other way.


An unrelated quote today that reminds me of a short story I once read. That short story described a future world where people did not age and therefore never died of old age. It said people reacted in two main different ways.

Some people decided that since they had all the time in the world, they could put things off because there would always be more time to get anything they needed done. Other people decided to do as much as possible because they had all the time in the world.

The end of the story describes a third reaction. Some people found that a world without death, with infinite time to live, made life worthless. Those people choose to go to a high cliff and jump.

If, every day, I dare to remember that I am here on loan, that this house, this hillside, these minutes are all leased to me, not given, I will never despair. Despair is for those who expect to live forever. I no longer do. -Erica Jong, writer (b. 1942)


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