The New Myspace

I saw an interesting video today. It’s basically a preview of the upcoming Myspace reboot.

This is going to be an interesting social experiment.

Myspace isn’t popular anymore. It’s basically dead. Facebook and Twitter are the most used sites.

It seems to me that people don’t tend to want to try new things when whatever they have is working. For example, people like Google. They use it. Even if Bing might be a slightly better search engine, people won’t bother switching.

This revival has an interesting twist on the above example since Myspace was, a long time ago, the most popular social networking site.

Although, I have some observations.

The two most popular websites are Facebook and Twitter. The emergence of Twitter was a bit surprising to me because it is basically a more concentrated Facebook thanks to the character limit. But I guess in exchange for the more limited options, connectivity among users increased. It’s way easier to keep up with celebrities and popular figures on Twitter. In turn, they can directly contact their fans and work their public image.

So, is there a place for the new Myspace? Will it look to be more like Twitter or Facebook? Can it find a happy middle? How will it differentiate? I’m excited to find out.

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