Time Landmarks, Timemarks?

Here are some upcoming important and semi-important dates.

October 3 – AUD exam
October 4 – FAR exam
October 4, night – fly away time
October 7 – Pokemon Black/White 2
October 20 – Race for the Cure day

Sprinkle in, at least, two more test dates before I start work the last week of November. I guess I should go shopping for work clothes before I start too.

Find time to visit my friend in Chicago.

Maybe I should finally go to the Texas State Fair. I’ve never been in my life.

But anyway, those are the dates that have an urgency in my mind.

Alright, I have about 7 more hours of FAR videos to review. Then I’ll take on a random set of multiple choice questions. Then I’ll give the task based simulations a review. Hopefully I average about 80. That would give me some confidence. I wonder how I should review for the AUD exam. I know I did worse on the task based simulations. How do I practice those?


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