JD and Me

The last few days I’ve watched a lot of Scrubs. I’m talking about 50 episodes in 3 days.

It’s a good show. I like it, obviously since I’ve watched 5 seasons of it. I do have one problem with watching so much of it in such a little time. It’s effecting me psychologically (is it affect or effect in this case?). I’ve started to narrate my own life.

It’s not in the weird, massive day dreaming sessions, but I’ve started talking to myself more than usual.

It’s like before, I used to think things quietly in my head, but now I’ve started to say these things out loud, in my head.

It hasn’t affected me negatively (I’m switching between each. One has to be right, right?), yet. I assume maybe it’ll make me less aware of my surroundings at some point because I’ll be too busy talking to myself to pay attention to things.

Maybe it’ll a positive thing. Maybe I’ll begin to exhibit more of JD’s characteristics.

Wait, I watch plenty of shows religiously, but I don’t think I’ve taken on the characteristics of any of those characters. Have I? oh man, that’s a level of introspection that I do not have the time to do. I can’t pin any of my actions on the obvious characters, Donald Draper, Jesse Pinkman, Walter White, Jeff, Troy, Abed, Pierce, or Jim.

I should give it more thought. Screw studying!

But no, I should study. See what I mean about not having time?


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