Cowboys Get Mauled

It was a bad night for the Cowboys.

What happened Romo? You were playing decent football the last three games. Was the Bears defense that good? I won’t blame you for that one interception that popped up in the air. The other fumble/interception probably could have been avoided. It looked really bad on TV. I will blame you for the first interception that was returned for a touchdown.

I never liked Romo. I don’t hate him, but I’m just not a fan. I prefer Peyton Manning and the pocket passer.

The Cowboys seem to have a deeper problem. It’s an attitude problem. They’re not a team with strong character. It’s always inconsistencies. It’s major upsets and major letdowns. It’s really an organizational thing. I don’t just blame the players. I blame the coaches. I blame the owner.

It doesn’t seem like the Cowboys will change any time soon. They’ll continue to be inconsistent with Garret. Maybe the Cowboys will really suck and give Ryan the team.

oh! maybe the Cowboys will suck so much that tickets will be cheap. Maybe I’ll be able to buy a ticket for under $100. tah, yea right.

Anyway, inconsistency is an organizational problem. If another head coach comes in and we’re getting the same crap, then we’ll Jerry is the problem and we’ll have to wait until he dies for any real changes.

Get your shit together Cowboys or I’m switching cities.
The Giants can pull it together.


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