Girls, Girls, Girls2

I should probably write something about the debate, but I don’t want to.

I will write about girls. I have two girl related stories.

Yesterday, I was having lunch with a friend. We go through most of the usual topics and then he asks me about girls. He asks if I’m talking to any girls. You know, talking, to any girls. I say no. Ok, it was more like a no with a what are you talking about face. I think he asked why. I said because I haven’t started my job, I have no money, and I still live at home. He says I should still talk to girls. I don’t agree.

Monday, I went for my usual jog around the park. There’s a girl I often see at the park. She runs around the park in opposite directions. Either I got around clockwise and she goes around counter-clockwise, or the other way around. Anyway, I usually see her twice. This time we finally passed each other at a quarter-mile marker. So I could finally! see who jogs faster.

I make the calculations in my head and determine the point where we would pass each other if we were going the exact same speed. I beat her to that point but not by a lot. I was only going slightly faster. Then I wonder if who was faster at a whole lap. So, we should pass each other at the first place I saw her. I beat her there too.

I stop where I first passed her and then start walking back to my car, which is in the opposite direction. I’m walking, and walking, when that girl finally passes me. She jogs for about 30 seconds and then starts walking.

So now I’m thinking, she obviously did this on purpose. I should start jogging again and pass her. About 20 seconds of thinking happens, and then she starts jogging again. When she does, I give up on jogging again because I’m tired and meh. She jogs for a minute when some guy starts talking to her and she starts walking. They keep talking. Eventually, I regain the strength to jog. I break into more of a run and pass them until out of sight. I win.


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