Tomorrow’s Race Day

Yes sir, tomorrow is Race for the Cure day.

It’ll be my fifth time running. I’ve run twice competitively. The other two times I got there late and could not get an accurate reading of 5k time. I tried to look up my two competitive times, but I don’t know where to look. It’s not on the Dallas Race for the Cure website. : (

I really wanted to know what time to beat. I can’t remember if it was 34 something or 32 something. I really can’t remember anymore. I know the times are only 1 second separated from each other. The second year I did 1 second better than I did the first year. I want to beat those times, but I don’t know that time.

I guess I’ll just have to beat the 32 minute mark.

I’m recovering from the cold/flu I got this week. I haven’t jogged since last Saturday, so my muscles are technically rested. I’ve had more fruit these last two weeks than I had the rest of the year. I’ve only have two sodas in these last two weeks. No beers.

I’m pumped. I’m thinking I can really do this.

I have some great motivation too. I’m going to buy some Sprinkles cupcakes after the race. I’m going to have an early lunch of either In N Out or Whataburger. I’m finally going to have some Dr. Pepper. Saturday evening I’m getting some Chipotle and watching the, what I consider, series finale of Scrubs. I’ll be a bad-ass day!

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