The Break Through

It’s been a good half-week at work. Everyone I met so far is really nice. I think I’m really going to like working with these people.

There have been a lot of meetings these three days. I want to talk about the last meeting. The last meeting included the two other people hired to our group, myself, the boss man, and the office super boss man. It was a rather simple meeting. The boss men were describing the company’s history, explaining what our jobs would entail and what they do as boss men.

During the meeting, I was paying attention and everything, but I couldn’t help thinking “I’m going to beat these other two new hires”. That was ridiculous, because 1) we’re all going to be on completely different engagements and not in direct competition, and 2) how do you possibly compare work that is one different?

I couldn’t help wanting to compete with them, which is something I haven’t had in a while and I kinda missed it. It’s going to make work exciting. It’s going to get me up in the morning. It’s going to make me effective. It’ll keep me honest. I hope.

Well, I have to go plan for my morning packing. I’m leaving for New Jersey tomorrow and I haven’t even thought about packing. I know I need to pack for 8 days and I have a tiny bag. Some how that sounds sexual. oh, well.

Nothing ruins a face so fast as double-dealing. Your face telling one story to the world. Your heart yanking your face to pieces, trying to let the truth be known. Jessamyn West, novelist (1902-1984)


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