A Strange Monday

Getting up and going to work was fine. The morning felt funny but I couldn’t put my finger on it. It wasn’t until I was at work, walking to the break room for some coffee that I realize what was bothering me.

I was getting some strong . . . flashbacks in the morning. They were visions of California, specifically of the coast. I could clearly see the mountains falling off into the ocean. They were strange because they felt very real. Also, they were replacing what I was really seeing.

Maybe I was just unknowingly focusing on them too much. I’d estimate that they were only about 35% off from being “real”. You know, they were missing sounds. There were no sounds along with the visions. There also wasn’t any feeling like warmth from sunlight, or a cool breeze.¬† I guess if it had both of those things, I might have lost my mind.

Although, I can’t help thinking that maybe that place was reality, and this is not. So I’m still stuck here. Maybe that place was a vision of another world. oh! maybe that was an incomplete doorway to another world and I missed out. oh oh! maybe that was an incomplete hole through time and space and I really missed out.

And isn’t that a little sad.


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