Moments of Vulnerability

Things today went pretty well. I did everything I had planned. I had to change my plans on Saturday, but these things were necessary. Anyway, I accomplished them and I feel good about this week.

So one of the things I had to do today was get a haircut. I went around 10:30. I figured there weren’t going to be too many people. Man, I was wrong. There were like 9 people there. Three people were getting their hair cut and I thought only four other people were getting their haircut. I figured if each too 20 minutes, then it would take me an hour to leave.

Yea no, those four people turned into 6 because two little kids were getting their haircut and they took as much as regular people. Also, one guy got like a shave or something because he had to go to the back for a while. Man, the whole thing took like an hour and a half. It was crazy.

I was fine the first 40 minutes. I was clam and hanging in there. Then around minute 45, I . . . freaked out a bit. I really want to leave and forget the haircut. I’d get it cut next weekend. Oh man, if anything would have pissed me off, then I would have left. No question. That was my moment of vulnerability.

I’m sure I get them at least once a day. It’s probably right before lunch/dinner when I’m hungry. Some times it’ll be after a sad or really cool movie. Usually I can tell when I’m in that vulnerable place. I usually try to calm down and keep a level head. Although, those moments of vulnerability have the capacity to be great opportunities.

Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot. -Charlie Chaplin, actor, director, and composer (1889-1977)


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