Saved as Draft

I decided to write topics to blog about while I was at work.

I had about 5 of them down by noon time. I didn’t want to send them to myself so soon in case I came up with more ideas, so I saved them as a draft. I figured I would email them to myself later that day, or at least right before I left work. I forgot about them.

Now there are five topics sitting in my draft folder, and here I am, subject less, sort of.

There has been a song in my head all day. It’s this one.

It reminded me of being a senior in high school. Specifically, it reminded me of how angry I was about a lot of things. I remember being angry that I couldn’t go to the college I wanted without my parents taking out so many loans. I had done everything right, yet somehow I didn’t get to go where I wanted. So lowered my sights and settled on another school.

But then I remember getting angry, that my friend got more scholarships than I did, when I was a better student. She must have had a higher need. But it just didn’t seem right at the time.

I don’t know what happened to me though. Like the song goes, I went from hopefulness, to bitterness, to anger, but I stopped there. I didn’t get to vengeance. I wonder why I didn’t get to vengeance. Man, I was full of a lot of negative feelings. I wonder if I’ll ever go back. I wonder how far I am from going back.

Well, back to watching New Girl. It’s looking like a sad episode. I had to take a break from the episode and write this, or I might be too bummed to write once it’s finished.

Mistakes are part of the dues that one pays for a full life. -Sophia Loren, actress (b. 1934)

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