Test That Cash

Today wasn’t all that great.

I started on a new client. That was fine. It was different and kept things interesting. I started the day with a headache. That sucker persisted until around 5pm. I was taking pills all day and they didn’t work. I had In N Out for lunch. That was delicious but it didn’t work. Around 4pm I got a cold coke from the fridge and put that against the throbbing part of my head. Usually that works, but it didn’t this time.

oh the not great part.

I was testing fixed assets in the morning. That was ok. Then I had to test cash and man I got confused. The client provided reconciliation didn’t reconcile. That threw me off. What kind of reconciliation doesn’t tie? After that it was time to test subsequent cash disbursements and man I got confused again. : /

That the easy stuff. You can’t be getting confused with that stuff! I sat there trying to figure out what I was testing and why. Then I’d try to test, but the actual checks were confusing me. It just wasn’t my day to test cash.

It must have really bothered me. I started pulling out my eyebrows. I’d been doing it for the last thirty minutes. I don’t want to look into the mirror.

It’s been a tough couple of days. I have a lot on my plate. I have lots of work at work. I’m working on the Camaro after work on Saturday and on Sunday. I’m helping with that one small business’ taxes. I’m looking into running for public office, that’s a lot of paper work. And! my Netflix and Hulu queues are gigantic!

oh well, at least Community is back and soon, so will the Camaro.


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