I Need Stimulation

These last three days at work I’ve been on a new client.

Unfortunately, the client has not given us too much stuff so there isn’t a lot to do. It’s been a slow three days for me. I’ve been mostly fighting with excel. Usually, I’ll fight with excel and then try something different or ask someone to help me figure out a way around the excel problem, or have them solve it for me. I haven’t been doing that this week because, what else will there be to do that client if I finish my work too fast?

Besides, Monday and Tuesday I was definitely feeling like I deserved a little break. I was working a bunch of work while I was at the old client. So I’ve put in the minimum so far this week. The only problem is that the lack of work is leading me to depression and anxiety. I feel way worse than when I actually had work to do.

Tomorrow I’m definitely asking for work if there isn’t anything else to do with this client.

Happy Valentine’s Day to me. I’m the best

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. -William Shakespeare, playwright and poet (1564-1616)


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