Try Again in 3 Years

I was on the phone with someone from a PAC.

They are looking to endorse DISD trustee candidates. I suppose they want to endorse/support a candidate from every district. Point is, they want to interview me. So I’m on the phone with a guy who will be part of the people who interview me. He goes through the expected questions. Why are you doing this?  What is your motivation? and a few others.

After a 20 minute Q&A, he offers me his opinion. He says that I’m inexperienced on the issues (true) and don’t have any management experience, which seems irrelevant because I’m not directly telling the 27,000 employees what to do. One of the last thing he says is, if we don’t support you this cycle, or support Nancy, she probably won’t run again and you should try again in 3 years.

That’s what really got me. All the inexperienced, young, too young, stuff did not really bother me. Try again in 3 years. It’s like a, accept you’re going to lose and maybe try again in 3 years when you might not lose to a better candidate.

Try again in 3 years.

How dare people disregard me so easily.

I’m going to win.

Demographics are on my side.

I’m going to win.


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