Interview with a PAC

I have an interview with a PAC tomorrow.

They gave a candidate in each district $10,000 last election. I’m the only contested seat so far, so they might only give to a candidate in this election.

This is definitely a low risk, high reward situation for me. Like I said yesterday, my candidate already has approximately $10,500 in campaign reserves. It wouldn’t matter much if she got more money. There are only so many places to send it. Besides, the more attention she draws to the race, the easier it will be to communicate my message to people in my district. On the flip side, the money will definitely help me by allowing me to leave flyers, door hangers, signs, and do some small scale advertising. All of that would greatly increase my chances of winning.

I’m surprisingly not too nervous about this interview. It might be because I’ve already talked to one guy on the phone, but it might also be because I don’t expect their money but still expect to win. The conditions are on my side. The environment is on my side. Now only my level of work and commitment will determine the results of the election.

Tomorrow is a busy day. I have work, the PAC meeting, and then some campaigning to do at dinner time.


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