My First Campaigning

Today I went campaigning for the first time.

We started in Seagoville. We registered a few voters. We talked to a lot of people. Most of the people I meet were very enthusiastic about education and wanted to see some change. The were excited to hear about me and what I hope to achieve for DISD. They really appreciated the fact that I was personally asking them for their votes and hearing their concerns.

It was really just a trial campaign expedition. We had a plan and flyers but we were missing the yard signs. Lacking yard signs will definitely give us the opportunity to revisit some of the people we meet today and remind them of the election.

I have to admit I was nervous all day. I wasn’t as nervous once I was right in front of the door. By the 3rd house, I wasn’t nervous anymore. By the 12th house, I was too cocky and began to lose my focus on the message. I then had to refocus for the remaining houses.

Overall, it was a good experience. I heard the issues from actual people in the community. We began the very important process of community engagement. I am honestly excited to go back and put up some yard sign. I’m also very excited to visit some new houses next weekend.

Wish me luck guys.


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