Working in Kansas

Getting up at 5am for a flight to KC was very difficult.

It reminded me waking up early to drive to Mexico. Those were tough rides to take. They lasted around 20 hours and were in a cramped truck. But they were worth it in the end.

That’s why sleeping at the airport, in the plane, and arriving at 9am was a breeze. It was just that initial getting up that sucked. I tend to get discouraged at the begininning of things when they seem hard or difficult. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long for me to snap out of it and get to work.

I still have three more days in Kansas. I hope to get a lot of work done, have a short day at work on Saturday, and hit the campaign trail again.

oh, right. I remember what I wanted to write. I received an invitation to participate in another forum. It’s for another new group. It’s the Dallas High School Alumni Association. Initially, I didn’t want to go. Why bother taking time off work to hear the incumbenents talk and talk and talk. I’m taking the issues to the voters.

Besides, I might be in Kansas again that week. So who knows. In the mean time, there are still two more surveys to complete. I can’t wait to finally finish those.



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