The Specific Purpose PAC

I had lunch with a guy today who is trying to start a specific purpose PAC. It went on way too long. He’s a talker. I’m a listener. Then I had to spend way more time at work. It was tough.

Point is, specific purpose PAC. He was only going to make it if he could get all three of us non-incumbents on the same “side”. He wants us to agree to 7 items. I looked them over a week ago and didn’t agree with about 4 of them. After he talked for an hour, we negotiated. He agreed to change the wording on those four items. I agree with them in principle.

I didn’t have to agree to his proposals. The advertising strategy he was proposing did not go with my strategy for winning the campaign. But after he talked for more than an hour, I really wanted to see the gumption on this guy. Was he really going to file the papers necessary for the PAC on time? Was his PAC really going to get donations from teachers? Will he have enough money to make radio commercials? There are only 30 days until election day.

What he might do can shake up the election. It will at least make the news for a day. It probably won’t last more than 2 days. The news has a short attention span.

Well, tomorrow I’ll file my 30 days until election campaign report. I generalized on it. The dates on all contributions are 3/1 and the expenditures are 3/1. I didn’t put the addresses on any of the expenditures. They happened at Lowes, Staples, and websites. Besides, they are ALL personal contributions.


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