They Let Me In

This was a good weekend for the campaign.

We went through an entire precinct this weekend. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to work today so I had the opportunity to do some actual door-to-door campaigning. You know, the real campaigning.

I still don’t feel comfortable. I don’t think I’m near the thousand votes. I’m not even sure I’m at 500 votes. I’m not even sure this type of campaigning is effective. I’m cautiously optimist that it is. But who knows. And to be fair, until election day I won’t feel comfortable with my campaigning.

oh, the title, right. We only went campaigning for about 2 hours today but there was a decent reaction from the two streets we did. Actually, 2 household were very responsive. They were so responsive that they let me in their houses to talk. No one had let me in their homes since that first week of campaigning.

It wasn’t an uncomfortable as you would think. It was really humbling actually. The openness and trust of these people is virtuous. They must have a raw trust in humanity to allow a stranger into their homes. At the end of a day of campaigning, I usually wonder how my house would have responded to someone campaigning door-to-door. I usually open the door to strangers, but I don’t remember ever letting anyone in my house.

Maybe I need to have a little more trust in other people.

Maybe I need to trust that the people we’ve visited will vote for me.

Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher. -Japanese proverb


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