The Weekend Overheated

What a weekend!

The Camaro. oh, the Camaro. I was fairly certain it worked now. I was about 85% sure. I’d go as far as to say that I was reasonably assured (auditing joke). See, the car had been overheating, but Pops had taken it out a few times and it hadn’t overheated. So I took it out Saturday night. I took the car to Stateside Pie and Beer. It didn’t overheat on the way to Pie and Beer. That was fine.  But on the way back . . . it overheated. It got so hot that it turned off a couple of times. After the second time it turned off, I preemptively turned it off a few times. That way I wouldn’t be surprised. I did make it home.

Pops looked at it this morning and concluded that there is probably a leak somewhere because the radiator was missing fluid. So, I’ll wait a few days to drive it to work.

Man, I miss the Camaro. It felt so familiar when I turned it on Saturday. I remembered how great I feel in that car. It was amazing. it reminded me of fixing the Camaro in Flagstaff three years ago. I remembered that feeling of . . . . happiness. It was that powerful happiness that moved me to tears three years ago. It almost moved me to tears yesterday.

ok, what else happened. The team and I tried the Samuell area yesterday. It did not go well. The people were less responsive than the people in the precincts from the last two weekends. It was a little depressing. What threw me off more than that was my list. My list was wrong more than I liked. It was wrong about 20% of the time. That was too much for my liking. Did 20% of the people in that area move and were replaced with other people? I don’t believe so. The list must have been wrong. It hiccupped.

More campaign news. Early voting starts tomorrow. I think I’ll have time to vote on Friday. Work has been crazy. I am glad that it will all be over very soon (two weeks). I am pretty sure I’ll never do this again.

P.S. I get the following quotes from the Word of the Day emails. I usually think about the quote and include it in the post. Sometimes one hits really home and I save it. I got this one 6 days ago and it reminds me of the Camaro.

That sorrow which is the harbinger of joy is preferable to the joy which is followed by sorrow. -Saadi, poet (c.1213-1291) [Gulistan]


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