No More Pills

I’ve been feeling sick since Monday.

I started taking pills on Monday, but i think I’m going to stop. They make me drowsy, which is fine for night time but bad for work. Besides, taking pills gets me to that point where I don’t know if I feel better with or without them. Do I just end up getting the cold/flu symptoms because of the pills? So yea, no more pills.

Let’s see, what else happened today. I arrived at work early. It was 8am. I worked on my evaluation and them after lunch I started helping on a different client. It was going well until we found out that the client made a big mistake in their calculations. We figured out how to fix it but it was time to go home. I’ll fix it tomorrow morning.

At lunch we went to Bridge Bisto. It looked like a cool place. The food was pretty good but it wasn’t the most memorable thing there. The most memorable thing was that the restaurant used the plates we have at the house. It blew my mind that those plates existed in another place.

oh! speaking of having my mind blown, apparently Little Caesar’s Pizza makes pizzas to order. I assumed they only had those ready to go pizzas. Apparently, that’s not the case.

double oh, apparently there is a state law that bars the selling of soft drinks to kids at public schools. That bothers me for one giant reason. From what I’ve read, the law was in response to childhood obesity and designed to teach kids to make better choices in nutrition. But how does limiting options teach kids to make better choices? When they are not in school soft drinks are an option. How does limiting them make them able to deal with them as an option? Let them have soda. It’s your job as parents to educate them on nutrition. This reminds me of the sexual health issue. Abstinence only does not work. It leaves kids without the ability to make good choices.

Well yea, this feels like a rant now. *sigh* I’m tired.

Good news, I got my yugioh cards today. I’ll have to sort them this weekend and make my decks. Then I can play. I’ll stay home and play. That way I don’t spend any money.

Without the freedom to criticize, there is no true praise. -Pierre Beaumarchais, playwright (1732-1799)


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