More You Know

Today we had a company happy hour.

It was a 3 hour event that surprisingly turned into a 6 hour event. We won! We lasted the longest at the bar. By we, I mean our group. Not the point of this post.

Anyway, I hang out with the people at work. Well I do at work. But during this happy hour, I have learned a shit ton about my co-workers. I have learned about as much as I’ve learned all busy season about them.

One guy is a Batman fan. How crazy is that? Batman is a rich man’s Spider-man and a dumb man’s Iron Man.

Point is, I’m glad I went and talked. Now I have all this useless knowledge. How is being a Batman fan important? It’s only important for birthday presents. Well, yes, good for me.

Although, today was also the DISD Board of Trustee’s meeting. They voted on a Board President and fired principals. That could have been me voting on those things! Talk about different paths. I would have missed the free happy hour and co-worker bonding. Can you believe that? Man, life could have been totally different. Like I’ve said in other posts, I’m ok either way. Sure I didn’t win, but I got a ton of free drinks. The only ones to lose are the kids.

Let’s not end this on a bummed note. How about I say . . . I have to wake up early to finish a ton of stuff at work tomorrow.

Damn it, that’s not positive either. Spicy Ketchup!

People change and forget to tell each other. -Lillian Hellman, playwright (1905-1984)


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